October 15, 2019

Best Golf Balls 2016

It seems that golf balls have the same design but it is not. Some of the balls are included in the best golf balls 2016 because of its great feel, spin, and power. You must check the detail of the ball to know which one of them is the best to use. The list below helps you to decide the best golf ball you have to use on your next golf tournament.

Bridgestone Tour B330

Golfers love to use Bridgestone Tour B330 because this golf ball is soft enough. The manufacturer creates the ball with a softer center than the previous model. Moreover, the ball also has a bigger core size than the previous model. Because of the softer center, you can reduce driver spin when you hit the ball. Bridgestone uses the same outer material and it keeps the ball launches faster. This golf ball is using the softest urethane cover. This cover has a sticky coat that gives more spin because it increases friction. The detail helps when you want to create a scoring shot. Bridgestone Tour B330 is for swingers who want to win the short-game control.

Callaway Chrome Soft

Talking about the best golf balls 2016, we have to talk about Callaway Chrome Soft. It becomes one of the best golf balls because of its revolutionary dual-core construction which has four-piece ball features. This ball is faster than the previous model due to its soft inner and firmer outer layer. The similarity between the three-piece Chrome Soft and four-piece Chrome Soft is on the compression though the latest model produces more spin. Moreover, this Callaway Chrome Soft model also uses the same soft urethane cover. The hexagonal dimple pattern is not just to make the ball looks stylish and eye-catching. The function of the pattern is for stabilizer so the ball launches straight and faster on the sky. Four-piece features Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is designed for golfers who love to use a ball with a soft feel.

Nike RZN Tour Platinum

Nike commits to giving the best products including the best golf ball. Nike RZN Tour Platinum is designed to meet the needs of golfers who want to use a soft feel ball along with the perfect spin. In specific, Nike RZN golf ball is a four-piece construction along with RZN core. The core is larger than the previous models. Nike chooses to use a larger core to boost the ball speed. The cover is using urethane along with 344 dimples and some micro-dimples. The dimples help to reduce drag and longer and more consistent flight after you hit the ball. You can choose this golf ball if you love to use a powerful golf ball with a soft feel to win a short golf game.

Pinnacle Rush and Soft

Unlike the previous references, Pinnacle Rush and Soft is a two-piece golf ball. The manufacturer designs the ball longer and softer than the previous model. Pinnacle Rush and Soft are processed with low-compression core and a durable ionomer cover. Pinnacle made this changing because the manufacturer wants to boost the ball speed and reduce spin. The golf ball has the lowest compression than any other distance golf balls. The best part is that you can choose two different balls in a package. You can use the Pinnacle Rush ball if you need a high-compression core golf ball. On the other hand, you can choose the Pinnacle Soft if you have to use a low-compression core golf ball. The manufacturer also applies icosahedral dimple pattern and it makes the ball has a good penetration while flying in the sky.

Srixon Z-Star

Srixon improves its golf ball by producing Srixon Z-Star. The difference between this golf ball and the previous models is on the core gradient, softer in the center, and harder on the edges. As a result, you are about to use a soft feel golf ball with low spin. The cover is also softer than the previous models with new a coat for higher friction. Because of the detail, the ball will have great performance whether you hit it on full shots or short shots. The ball is also stable on the sky because the manufacturer uses a new dimple pattern with more surface coverage.

Titleist NXT Tour

Another option is a golf ball by Titleist. This manufacturer offers a golf ball with a soft inner core and larger volume than the previous models. Titleist gives a firm out core to reduce the spin, especially if you hit the ball on full shots. As a result, you can achieve a long distance hit. The manufacturer keeps the Fusablend material for the cover. In short, Titleist gives you a premium ball at an affordable price and it makes this ball listed on the best golf balls in 2016.

Taylor Made Tour Preferred

If you want to make a perfect score, you can use Taylor Made Tour Preferred golf ball. The urethane cover and low-drag dimples help the ball stables on the sky. This version is using a softer inner mantle than the previous version. The manufacturer produces the ball with lower compression and softer feel. The compression is lower than the new five-piece Tour Preferred X. The idea is to give a golf ball that can launch higher with less spin on greenside shots.

Volvik Vivid

Volvik Vivid is considered as a stylish golf ball. You can easily see the ball whether in the air or on the ground. This ball launches higher on full shots due to the use of the dimple pattern. You are about to use a three-piece ball with 80-compression and a soft Surlyn cover. Interestingly, you can choose 5 different colors which are green, pink, orange, and red.

The point is that each of the golf balls has different detail. The manufacturers create the ball based on the need and to improve the performance of golfers. Now, you don’t need to get confused anymore about the best golf ball you want to use. Just pick one of the best golf balls 2016 on the list above and feel the sensation.

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