October 15, 2019

How Many Golf Clubs You Can Carry in Your Bag

Bringing the right club into a golf match can help you produce better golf scores when competing. In terms of how many golf clubs can you carry in your bag becomes something very important for you to know, especially if you are will play in a tournament or an open golf competition. Association Golf United […]

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Golf Cart with a New and Old Battery

As a golf cart owner, you have to know the detail to use it maximally including knowing how long does it take to charge a golf cart. The information below will help you to understand your golf cart better, especially to understand the right time to charge and use it. Factors that Influence the Golf […]

How & Why You Should Learn the Cross-Hand Putter Grip Technique

  The sport of golf is now increasingly favored by many people. The effect is to train vision and focus is the main reason golf is increasingly loved. There is one technique in golf that is quite well known, namely the cross-hand putter grip. The cross-hand putter grip, in its use, was first used as […]