October 15, 2019

How Many Golf Clubs Can You Have in Your Bag?

Question That New Golfer Asks: How Many Golf Clubs Can You Have in Your Bag?

Before you did an awkward mistake, it’s better to ask about how many golf clubs can you have in your bag. It’ important to know the rules. Especially if you are going to play in a tournament or competition. Many local and state golf association follow the rules that are set by United States Golf Association. If you bring too many clubs, you will get a penalty.

Club Limitation

The official maximum number of golf clubs allowed in a bag is fourteen. Rule number four describes the equipment that players may use during a round. It explains that the players must use conforming clubs and balls. The number of clubs is limited by fourteen, and the lost or damaged club cannot be replaced. The players are also restricted to use other equipment that gives artificial help in the game.

There is no minimum number of the club that players can carry. So, if you could do your game in just one club, it’s not a problem. But you will miss the advantage of various golf club types and settings. You also risk yourself if the only one of your club broke.

What’s the Penalty?

If you don’t know how many golf clubs can you have in your bag, you could bring more than fourteen clubs. You might get a penalty, especially in a competition and tournament match. The penalty if you bring more than fourteen golf clubs during a round is two strokes for each hole. For example, if you have fifteen clubs in your bag until you’re on the second hole, you will get a four-stroke penalty. You don’t need to worry, the maximum penalty is four strokes. In another case, if you realize your mistake while playing the hole, the penalty will be evaluated at the end of the hole. And if the mistake is noticed in between holes, the penalty will be assessed on the last hole completed.

Borrowing clubs

There are some alterations to the rule considering the number of clubs that can be carried. In 1998, it’s allowed to borrow a club from anyone. However, USGA came back with the old rules before 1988 that players might borrow a club from team partner.

Why it matters?

For the first time, there is no rule that considers the number of clubs. 1913 US open was won by Francis Ouimet just by seven clubs. But 1934 British Amateur was won by Lawson Little that used 31 golf clubs. Even, the record says that the highest number of clubs that brought by a player is thirty-two. It needs two bags carried by caddies to bring clubs that much. Even there are cases when the caddies were dropped out due to the weight of their bags.

Later, in 1935 this problem starts to be discussed seriously by USGA. 1939 the rule about the number of clubs allowed was added. The reasons are to de-skill the game, to equalize between golfers, and to make the caddies not to carry much weight. By that rule, now average golfers and wealthy golfers can compete equally. The rule about how many golf clubs can you have in your bag makes the golf games square and fair.

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