October 15, 2019

How Many Golf Clubs You Can Carry in Your Bag

Bringing the right club into a golf match can help you produce better golf scores when competing. In terms of how many golf clubs can you carry in your bag becomes something very important for you to know, especially if you are will play in a tournament or an open golf competition. Association Golf United States (USGA) which acts as the highest association in the sport of golf has many regulations that must be followed by all state associations and associations local golf, one of which is the number of clubs allowed to carry. If you bring too many clubs, then you will be charged a penalty

Limitation of Clubs That Can Be Carried in a Bag

According to the regulations issued by UGA, how many golf clubs can you carry in your bag for a match is only allowed to carry and own 14 clubs just in your bag. It includes three types of wood (5-wood, 3-wood, and driver), putter, eight clubs made of iron, (wedge pitching and 3-9 iron). The list is 12 the standard club that is usually found in a golfer’s bag. If a golfer only brings the club number 12, it is allowed for him to increase the number of clubs up to reached 14 clubs.

Club Loan Rules

A regulation was changed by USGA in 1988, the regulation regarding it is permissible for an athlete to borrow a club from anyone during a match ongoing. Later the club that has been borrowed can be used for the rest the match played. But the change of rules happened again in 1992, USGA changed the regulation back to the pre-1988 interpretation. Fill out the regulations mention that a golfer is allowed to borrow the club only from partners who have to cooperate with golfers during the tournament period.

Bring Extra Clubs

When you choose 14 clubs that will be put in a bag, you will be allowed adding 2 other clubs out of a total of 12 normal clubs. Two clubs that have been the last added was that it could be a hybrid racer for use on slices and fairways for a short game of professional golfers. As an option, you can choose two other slices which include sand slices and lob slices to make it easy for you to get inside the score. Using a sand wedge may help with those tough bunker shots, meanwhile, A lob wedge will provide a much better lift to your game.

Hybrid Golf Club

This one club is a combination of wood and iron that can help you abbreviate the number of clubs in your bag. At some hybrid clubs will be looks like iron and the others look like 3-wood. The hybrid club will be counted as one club that is contained in golf bags and can be used to serve various purposes

in the field during the competition. Hybrid golf clubs are used as long iron replacement and not infrequently also used to do chip shots on around green. By using a hybrid club, it allows you to eliminate 3-irons and fairway wood, making it possible for you to add other slices to the bag

golf you have.

The Form of The Penalty Will Be Received

Penalties will be given to golfers if caught carrying a club with an amount overdo it. USGA imposes strict sanctions on golfers who violate this rule, i.e by requiring golfers to reduce the number of clubs and later these clubs otherwise cannot be played. Besides, a golfer will also get two penalties

a punch for each hole that uses extra clubs, up to a maximum of four blows in each round. The match penalty can be in the form of reducing the number of holes that have been taken he won for each penalty up to the maximum turnover hole in the match.

Aside from penalties, how many golf clubs you can carry in your bag, there are other important things to do you understand. It turns out that it has good benefits for your body too. This matter will encourage you to keep your swing, shoulder and back mechanism off excessive use of bags containing clubs.

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