October 15, 2019

Krav Maga Techniques – Golfers Need Martial Arts Too

In krav maga there are many techniques that you must develop if you want to learn to defend yourself with this effective method. You never know when you need have to know how to knock someone out without hurting them. Here it is not a common sport or a martial art like karate. In this method of personal defense everything is valid, you can use weapons, keys, dirty blows and everything you can think of. To learn krav maga techniques, what you must do is register in a good place where they impart this knowledge.

How to choose a good place to learn krav maga?

Choosing a good place to learn krav maga is not easy if you don’t know much about martial arts. The cheapest places don’t always have what it takes to impart quality knowledge. You must pay close attention to all the things you must have to sign up for a place.

First aid kit
The first aid kit is the main thing that should have a place where self defense techniques are practiced. In krav maga it is not a place like tatami, but it can be a normal gym for training.
With the kit you can treat many injuries that occur through training. By performing many complex movements and practicing with another person there is always the risk of causing harm.
A first aid kit must be present for any emergency occasion and thus be able to save a life. Sometimes they are minor risks like a small ankle injury, but it can always get worse. A coach must always be predisposed to attend to anything that happens and must remain in expectation of the worst.

One of the main tools to train your punches and your movements is the punching bag. In it you can run countless punch combos with hands and legs. All beginners after learning to move begin training with the punching bag.
If your gym does not have this bag it is not the most advisable to train since you will not have to hit.

This is the level after the punching bag. With the speed bag your technique will improve much more. You will have more balance and coordination regarding your weight and your arms. You will know how to swing at the time of a fight and execute the punches with much more precision.
In a gym where you are taught to fight you should always have good gloves to protect the face of your opponents. For krav maga basic techniques it is necessary to have boxing gloves that are the ones that cover the fingers. They should also have gloves with bare fingers for keys and similar things.

Krav maga basic techniques

In the krav maga techniques they will teach you many ways to save your life in a situation of extreme danger. However, they can also teach you basic boxing techniques to learn how to throw a punch correctly. There are many things you need to know and learn when fighting and in this method of self defense you will be taught a lot.

How to stop when fighting?

The first thing you should know before a fight is how to stop. It is very important that your feet are well placed so that you perform a good blow with your waist and do not perform stupid movements. A single mistake in a fight can cost you the total victory so you have to stay tuned.
In the krav maga you must learn to stand to use both your hands and feet. The foot you have on your dominant side goes behind the other. In boxing, the posture must be on the side but here you have to face more to execute good kicks.
If you stand totally straight as you normally do, you can lose your balance in one blow and fall. You have to know how to play with the position of your feet to do a good job of fighting effectively.

Foot Work

Since you know how to stop the next thing they will teach you is how to move without losing your posture. Ideally, move the non-dominant foot before moving the other. You must learn to do it from the front as from the side. This is vitally important and you must get used to walking like this to execute solid movements.

How to place your guard?

Your hands should be similar to the position your feet have. Your dominant arm should go backwards while the other stays straight to mark and distract. The arms should be attached to your body at all times unless you hit. You should be able to cover your ribs with your elbows and your face with your hands.

You must be very attentive to your jaw since a blow in this area can definitely leave you unconscious. In a street fight which is the goal of krav maga you can’t let them knock you out, if it happens it can be the end of your life.
The guard must always remain high in the movement and when you execute a blow you must return quickly to protect your face. If you do not do it this way it is possible that the opponent will take advantage of this and manifest with great aggression.

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