October 15, 2019

The Match the Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever

The Match the Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever Is A Book for Golf Lovers

There is a uniqueness of this book written by Mark Frost. The match the day of the game of golf changed forever into an epic golf book and tells of a legendary and greatest match ever in the history of golf. In 1956, a famous millionaire named Eddie Lowery and George Coleman made a bet by holding a friendly match between 2 professional athletes and 2 amateur athletes. The two professional golf athletes were Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan, who at that time were excellent at the match. And two amateur golf athletes are Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward who work at one of Eddie Lowery’s car dealers.

The Main Character in The Book The Match

Ben Hogan is a golfer who spent six months losing the playoff loss to Jack Fleck at the US Open tournament. Byron Nelson is the 11th consecutive winner in 1945, has retired from touring and gardening for a decade but still has the most dynamic swing and punch in golf. While Harvie Ward is a US amateur champion and also won the British Amateur tournament in 1952. And the last was Ken Venturi, an amateur golfer who was barely brought back, only three months after the match, Venturi came in one hit and won the Masters.

Battle Begins

In contrast to the current climate of competition, being a golfer was not a promising profession because of the small pay. Moving from one tournament to another, staying in cheap motels and hoping to get enough money to buy food is an activity that must be felt by golfers of old. In a match that pits two legendary professionals against the two best amateurs in the world promises a very large prize for anyone who can win it.

This exciting duel took place at Cypress Point Golf Club, an extraordinary place that hasn’t been long

made the host of the PGA event. Mark Frost very brilliantly captures action and effects emotional. Frost is not only one of the storytellers who are experts, with his description of that detail will take you to step by step to understand the actual real storyline. The words he said will make you feel like watching the match directly. Frost also revealed that the incident happened on 11 January 1956 as one of the great histories in the world of golf.

Many conflicts that occur in this match, ranging from numbers to the controversy of reporters who are wrong in reporting the news of the match. In the match the day of the game of golf changed forever, hogan’s shot was 63, while Venturi shot 65, Ward and Nelson each collected 67 shots.

The Match Footnote

Perhaps the most interesting footnote from this book is in the second match held in San Francisco Harding Park. In that match, the two amateur golfers once again fought against Nelson who this time partnered with Fleck. Approximately 7,000 of their fans packed the Harding Park. Venturi and Ward won the match. However, The match the day the game of golf changed forever is not a book about scorecards or calendars. This book tells the story of competition, desire, and experience against boasting ambitions.


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