October 15, 2019

Write For Us!

Do you play golf? Are you interested in writing about topics related to golf? We will be happy to help you share your voice about golfing! Here are some broad topics that we are particularly looking for:

  • Golf Equipment Reviews
  • Golf Ranges Reviews
  • Golf Players Biography
  • Golfer Fitness and Health Workouts


Basic Guidelines:

  • Content must be Copyscape unique
  • Content must be relevant to golf
  • 500 word minimum
  • Have an introduction and a conclusion
  • Use heading, subheading, bullet lists, etc. so that it is easy to read


  • Send a photo – we will source one for the article
  • Include affiliate links


  • Contact us with a pitch first or completed article
  • Cite sources if you quote any facts/statistics
  • Free of grammar errors
  • Write in American or British English

Articles submitted to golf-for-heart.org become our property and can’t be reused anywhere else

Ready to submit? Contact us!