Professional Golf Tournaments

Professional golf

If you are a golf fan, you cannot miss the “majors” or professional golf tournaments where the most important and select golf players from around the world meet every year. These main championships are held every year on a specific date so that all the great players have the opportunity to attend all of them, if they wish.

As a curiosity to note that to date, the only one who has managed to win the four professional golf tournaments within the same year, specifically in 1930, was Bobby Jones, a golfer who himself did not consider himself a professional player, since he played for pleasure, not for work.

The four professional golf tournaments

Augusta Master

Every second Sunday of the month of April, this 18-hole, 72-stroke championship is held at the Aуgusta National golf club to be held in four days. It is the first that takes place each year and the winner of the same gets the “green jacket” with bonus, with which he will identify himself as a member of the club.

Unlike other professional golf tournaments, this one has a fixed venue, the Augusta Private Golf Club in Georgia. One of the forerunners of this tournament was the previously mentioned Bobby Jones.

United States Open

Another of the professional golf tournaments is this open one that is played on the weekend belonging to the third Sunday of June. It can be played on any of the golf courses in the United States and is organized by the country’s association of this sport. Both amateurs and professionals can play in this tournament, the only requirement being that they have an updated handicap of 1.4.

British Open

This tournament can take place in any golf course located in the coastal area of ​​the United Kingdom, specifically during the third weekend of the month of July. It has been held since 1860, making it the oldest of all the professional golf tournaments in the world.

PGA Championship

On the fourth weekend once the British Open ends, that is to say, already in the month of August, this last majors tournament is held, another of the best professional golf tournaments in the world that can be played on any of the many golf courses, golf of the United States, and whose organization is in charge of the PGA, that is to say, the main American circuit of professional men’s golf.