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How to Paint Kitchen Worktops Easy & Fast

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Painting worktops is an affordable solution that breathes new life into old surfaces while concealing scratches, chips, and stains. Painting worktops is also a cost-effective way to give your kitchen an update without the inconvenience and expense associated with replacing a laminate countertop.

Choose acrylic paint as it stands the test of time, is best suited to kitchen countertops, and can withstand regular usage.

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Painting kitchen worktops is an easy and effective way to update the appearance of your kitchen, covering scratches, stains, and other flaws while making the space appear brighter. Before beginning, however, proper precautions must be taken. First and foremost is gathering all of the tools and products that will be necessary; this includes sandpaper for scrubbing the countertop surface as well as tools such as a spanje roller, a paint tray, and Rust-Oleum countertop coating paints. Clear the area surrounding your worktop and cover anything that may get painted before beginning this task; otherwise, your worktop might get painted over.

Laminate kitchen worktops often still have plenty of life left in them if they are not too old, and painting them is an economical and simple way to freshen up their appearance and give them a new lease on life. You may even be able to find paint that mimics granite or marble finishes at most home improvement stores.

If you decide to paint your laminate worktops, it is important to first prepare the surface in an effective manner. First, scrub with a hard brush or sandpaper to remove any dirt or grease before smoothing with a power sander for best results.

Once your surface is smooth, apply primer. This will help the paint adhere to the surface more securely and create a solid base for its finish. Once dry, two coats of paint may be applied, remembering to wait 24 hours between applications!

The use of high-quality paint is also crucial for kitchen worktops. Not only should the colour complement your overall decor, but the hue should not be too bright either; dark tones allow more wear-and-tear resistance.


Primer is a type of paint used on wood and other surfaces before applying another layer of colour and is an integral component in many painting projects. A good primer helps protect surfaces from moisture damage as well as wear and tear. Many primers come in multiple colours that complement the final colour palette of a project, with some even offering tinted bases for more uniform results. No matter which hue is selected for priming purposes, be sure to apply thin coats of primer first and allow them to dry completely before proceeding with further painting projects.

Before applying primer to your kitchen worktops, always ensure that all areas that should remain undamaged are covered with plastic or tape to prevent drips or accidental spills. Next, use a foam roller brush to ensure the surface of the primer is perfectly even before waiting until its drying process has completed before commencing painting worktops.

Social media users have taken to sharing photos of themselves painting their laminate worktops as an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up their kitchen without spending thousands on new counters or demolishing the existing one. Painting laminate worktops is also an effective solution for older laminate that has started showing signs of wear and tear, providing the kitchen with a fresh new look while prolonging its longevity.

When painting countertops, use only paint designed specifically for worktops. Latex wall paint may not adhere to laminate and bubble or peel over time. Furthermore, before beginning painting, it’s wise to sand any imperfections down to remove any unsightliness before painting starts.

With such a variety of paint and primer products available on the market, it is essential that you select one suitable for your task. Always read and follow any instructions provided with the primer; should any queries arise regarding use or drying times, please reach out directly. Some primers require longer drying times than others, so be sure to abide by manufacturer recommendations when applying one of them. Some also have strong odours, so it may be wise to open windows while working with them.


In order to successfully paint kitchen worktops, it’s vital that you use the correct kind of paint. Choose one intended to adhere to cabinets and laminate surfaces, and purchase primer. While spray paint applications might seem convenient, they shouldn’t be used in kitchens as they may create uneven surfaces while also emitting toxic fumes into the air.

Water-based acrylic paint is the best choice for countertops and is available at most home improvement stores in a wide range of colours. Some even mimic the look of granite or marble to achieve uniformity between sinks and faucets.

To achieve a durable finish when painting, be sure to follow the directions on the tin carefully. It is advised that two coats be applied over several hours with enough drying time between applications; smooth or foam rollers work equally well, depending on your preference. When covering appliances or floors with tape during this process, as well as wearing old clothing while working with paint.

Before beginning to apply paint to your countertops, it’s essential to sand their surfaces evenly to create an even texture and provide an anchor point for its application. A commercial blow dryer may help speed drying times; after your initial coat of paint has dried for four hours after its first application, allow time for it to completely set before adding another coat if you wish to mimic granite-like materials such as leather. Ideally, use lighter colours on top with darker ones at the base for best results.

Repainting countertops is an ideal way to revitalise their appearance, keeping them looking like new for longer than they would otherwise. Plus, painting may save the cost and hassle associated with replacing worn or discoloured countertops—though painting could require you to clear out your kitchen for several days at least! Painting costs less than replacing them all!


Acrylic or enamel paints are an ideal choice for kitchen worktops as they’re resistant to heat and water damage, easy to wipe down, and stand up well under daily wear and tear. You can add flecks or marbling for an eye-catching effect!

When applying paint to your countertop, ensure it is applied evenly across its entirety. Do not wait for one side of your paint roll to dry before moving on to another; instead, make sure that they overlap by about an inch for an even application of colour and an optimal finish. Moreover, let the paint set for at least six hours before placing anything on it.

Protecting painted counters doesn’t need to be complicated. Instead, simply use a clean cloth to wipe down and buff away any residue on their surfaces. If using sealant instead, be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully in order to avoid damaging your counters.

Replacing laminate worktops may be more expensive and disruptive to your life than simply painting over them, while painting your laminate worktops is an inexpensive and straightforward solution to revitalising an outdated kitchen.

Note that painted worktops won’t outlive their stone or wooden counterparts in terms of longevity; their shiny surface may only last a few years before deterioration and chips begin to appear. Furthermore, its smell could remain noticeable for several weeks after the application of paint.

“Stripping” may be ideal, but in many cases it simply isn’t feasible or practical, especially when your existing finish is clear coat. A thorough cleaning followed by light sanding should suffice for preparing surfaces for painting.

Family Lawyers in Glasgow – Roles & Responsibilities

lawyer discussing documents with parents and child

Family lawyers in Glasgow help clients resolve disputes involving family relationships and offer legal advice on adoption, divorce, and property settlements. They may work as solo practitioners or as part of smaller law firms.

The first step to becoming a family lawyer is to obtain a four-year undergraduate degree. Some good majors include government, history, psychology, political science, and English.

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Child Custody

When parents divorce or separate, child custody is one of the most challenging and vital issues that must be addressed. Family lawyers in Glasgow help clients decide what custody arrangements will work best for their children and how to ensure they are protected throughout the proceedings.

Legal and physical custody can be shared, or a court might award primary custody to one parent. In a shared custody arrangement, the kids spend about the same time with each parent.

The court makes custody decisions based on what’s best for the children involved. This includes their needs, relationships with each parent and other significant people in their lives, and the child’s education and well-being.


A family lawyer helps clients with various legal matters involving family relationships, including divorce. This can include helping divorcing spouses negotiate a property settlement or preparing prenuptial agreements and other documents.

A divorce attorney may also represent divorcing couples in courtrooms to resolve disputes related to child custody, spousal support, and other issues. These lawyers often work in small firms or solo practices.

The first step in a divorce is to file a petition with the court, which either party can file. At this point, the other spouse must respond to the petition within a prescribed period. Failure to do so could lead to a default judgment, which is difficult and expensive to reverse.


Adoption is when a child is placed with a new family and legally becomes part of the adoptive family’s custody. This can be done in various ways, including through adoption agencies, foster care, or step-parent adoption.

A family lawyer helps prospective adoptive families through the home study process. This involves meetings, interviews, and training sessions with an adoption agency to determine whether the family is ready to adopt a child.

The adoption process can be complex, but the results are often life-changing for the child and the family. The most rewarding outcome is simply providing a safe home for a child who has lost one. It can also give a new family a sense of meaning and purpose they may have never experienced before.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract between two people who are about to get married. It lays out how they will deal with their assets in a divorce.

These agreements are generally created for various reasons, including wealth imbalances or when couples have children from prior relationships. They can also be beneficial for older couples who may have significant assets or retirement income to protect.

To help determine if a prenuptial agreement is suitable for you, first sit down with your spouse and discuss your respective financial interests and goals. Then create a list of preferred assets and liabilities, suggests Octavia Liu, wealth planner at RBC Wealth Management in Asia.

Child Support

A family lawyer can help you determine custody, get support, or resolve other family law issues. They use their expertise to represent you at court, gathering evidence of school records, testimonies of a psychologist or substance abuse counsellor, criminal records and even medical records.

Child support is a monthly payment that a court orders the non-custodial parent to pay to the parent with custody of the children. This money helps cover the children’s food, clothing, and other expenses.

The amount of support is determined by a judge based on a child’s needs and parents’’ incomes. It may also cover additional expenses such as uninsured or“extraordinary” health care and education.

Cancers Associated with BRCA Gene Mutation

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Cancer is the most common and deadly disease. Cancer affects one or multiple organs of the body. One distinctive characteristic of every cancer is its rapid and abnormal cell growth. 

The uncontrollable growth of cells results in tumour formation. This tumour becomes cancer when it starts affecting the normal function of a body organ. 

It’s a fatal disease that slowly eats your body. Luckily, with technological advancement in medicine, addressing if you have cancer has become relatively easy. Discover how medical screenings like the BRCA1 test can help assess your risk of getting various cancers. 

Understanding BRCA Genes 

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 make up the BRCA genes. Every human has two pairs of BRCA genes – BRCA1 and BRCA2. Each copy is inherited from their parents. 

The BRCA genes are “tumour suppressors” that regulate the average cell growth in your body organ, especially the breast. 

In easier words, BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes fight cancer and tumour. They are responsible for keeping the breast, ovary, prostate, and other body cells from growing and multiplying uncontrollably.

However, sometimes a change occurs in the BRCA gene. This seemingly negligible change (called mutation in medical terms) prevents the body cells from growing normally. As a result, a mutation happens that leads to rapid cell growth. 

BRCA gene mutation is hereditary. This mutation is called a BRCA gene mutation. It raises your risk of getting various types of cancers. The only reliable way to determine if you have this mutation is to go for a BRCA1 test

Cancers Linked to BRCA Gene Mutation 

Any changes in your BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene result in abnormality. As a result, the BRCA genes usually stop working. Hence you get a more heightened risk of getting certain cancers. Here is a list of various cancers you can get if you have a BRCA gene mutation; 

Breast Cancer 

Breast cancer is the most common cancer caused by BRCA gene mutation. It occurs when there is a rapid growth of breast cells. Breast cancer grows gradually – so you should look out for the symptoms of breast cancer, including; 

  • Firm breast 
  • Lumps in breast 
  • Swelling, irritation, or dimpling of breast skin 
  • Redness on nipples 
  • Nipple discharge 
  • Uneven breast size

Ovarian Cancer 

Ovarian cancer is deadly cancer known as the “Silent Killer.” It gets this ominous name because this cancer develops in the woman’s ovary and shows no apparent symptoms until it is severe. 

The ovaries are female reproductive organs responsible for growing and storing eggs for fertilisation. Ovarian cancer is inherited from parents through gene mutation. If you notice any of these symptoms, we recommend you consult a doctor and go for BRCA1 medical testing to see if you have a BRCA gene mutation. 

  • Constant abdominal pain 
  • Upset stomach
  • Weak appetite 
  • Sudden weight loss 
  • Vaginal discharge 
  • Vaginal rashes, redness, or itchiness

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Prostate Cancer 

Men with BRCA gene mutation are at higher risk of developing early-onset prostate cancer. This type of prostate cancer can develop its mutation and be diagnosed at an early age. 

While rare, this mutation has the ability to be inherited from generation to generation. We have provided a list of symptoms of prostate cancer to look out for; 

  • Interruption or slow flow of urine
  • Burning and painful urination 
  • Pain in hips, back, and pelvis 
  • Penis rashes and irritation 
  • Painful ejaculation 


Remember that not every person with a positive BRCA gene mutation will develop cancer. You are most likely at a higher risk of developing certain cancers. You can consult your doctor and follow a preventative management treatment to lower the risk. 


Interesting Facts About Golf

golf players

Golf is a sport played by both men and women. The goal is to hit the balls into holes with as few strokes as possible. Here are some interesting facts about golf that you might not know. The rules of golf are similar to those of other sports, such as tennis. The objective of the game is to score points as often as possible and to do so in the least amount of strokes.

If you’re not a fan of the sport, don’t worry. There are a lot of interesting facts about golf that will make you want to learn more.

The first golf ball was introduced around 1610. It was not until the 17th century that the first ball was made of wood. In 1848 that the first ball was made from a goose feather. Until then, the only balls used for golf were wooden balls or stuffed goose feathers. Even though the modern version of the game is now played using leather sacks, it still holds up well when compared to the traditional wooden balls.

Golf is an exciting game for people of all ages. The rules are simple: the aim is to hit the ball into the hole with the fewest number of strokes possible. The game involves using a number of different clubs to hit the ball. A player aims to hit the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. Among the most popular clubs are the driver and the fairway woods. A beginner’s golf club will provide the basics you need to learn.

Another advantage to playing golf is that no other players can affect your score. In contrast to most sports, you cannot negatively affect another player’s score. In golf, your aim is to hit the ball as far as possible while avoiding other players’ shots. This allows you to practice your game and improve your game over time. However, you must remember that the weather can also impact your performance. Regardless of the weather, it’s important to practice your swing to get the best possible score.

The game’s popularity has grown dramatically over the past century. The popularity of golf is undisputed. The game is so popular in the United States and the UK.  Television, radio have all made golf a popular spectator sport. In the 1950s, President Eisenhower’s enthusiastic participation in the sport became a landmark for Americans. Eventually, satellites and colour television made golf broadcasts more entertaining to watch. The popularity of golf is soaring in the world. In fact, there are nearly 450 million golf fans worldwide, and the numbers are steadily increasing.


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Professional Golf Tournaments

Professional golf

If you are a golf fan, you cannot miss the “majors” or professional golf tournaments where the most important and select golf players from around the world meet every year. These main championships are held every year on a specific date so that all the great players have the opportunity to attend all of them, if they wish.

As a curiosity to note that to date, the only one who has managed to win the four professional golf tournaments within the same year, specifically in 1930, was Bobby Jones, a golfer who himself did not consider himself a professional player, since he played for pleasure, not for work.

The four professional golf tournaments

Augusta Master

Every second Sunday of the month of April, this 18-hole, 72-stroke championship is held at the Aуgusta National golf club to be held in four days. It is the first that takes place each year and the winner of the same gets the “green jacket” with bonus, with which he will identify himself as a member of the club.

Unlike other professional golf tournaments, this one has a fixed venue, the Augusta Private Golf Club in Georgia. One of the forerunners of this tournament was the previously mentioned Bobby Jones.

United States Open

Another of the professional golf tournaments is this open one that is played on the weekend belonging to the third Sunday of June. It can be played on any of the golf courses in the United States and is organized by the country’s association of this sport. Both amateurs and professionals can play in this tournament, the only requirement being that they have an updated handicap of 1.4.

British Open

This tournament can take place in any golf course located in the coastal area of ​​the United Kingdom, specifically during the third weekend of the month of July. It has been held since 1860, making it the oldest of all the professional golf tournaments in the world.

PGA Championship

On the fourth weekend once the British Open ends, that is to say, already in the month of August, this last majors tournament is held, another of the best professional golf tournaments in the world that can be played on any of the many golf courses, golf of the United States, and whose organization is in charge of the PGA, that is to say, the main American circuit of professional men’s golf.

5 Tips to take care of your golf clubs

Golf equipment

If you are a golf lover, you will know for sure that making a good game depends not only on the golfer’s fitness. It also depends on your practice, your knowledge of the golf course, your consistency in training, but also the care you take with your golf clubs.

Therefore, today we review the importance of this last element as well as the basic care you should take to help you get a perfect game and are always ready for a game. We will tell you everything below.

The importance of keeping golf clubs in good condition

The main advantage we get from cleaning our golf clubs is to improve the efficiency of our game, almost nothing! And it is that if the clubs are not kept clean and in perfect condition, we can lose control of the distance, the force and therefore, the touch and the blow. This means that without proper maintenance, your clubs will not be performing at their best and you will be wasting part of their potential. In addition, if you do not take care of them properly, they can become irreversibly damaged and can even break.

On the contrary, if you keep the faces of your golf clubs clean, that is, the grooves, you will ensure that the blows to the balls are clean and accurate, without interference of any kind, as well as extending the life of your material.

Tips for maintaining golf clubs

Now that you know the advantages of keeping your clubs in good condition, we will tell you how to make them look perfect for your golf games or getaways.

  1. Avoid water: Although playing golf with water is not an impediment, given the existence of materials, equipment and protective elements, the care of golf clubs is even more important after having played in the rain.

    Therefore, after a game in the rain, all the equipment must be removed from the golf bag, even if we have used a plastic bag cover. The water may have passed inside, for example, when the club has changed, and it is an element that quickly deteriorates golf clubs. Therefore, in addition to drying the handles, it is important to leave them in a place without humidity until they are completely dry. In general, experts recommend leaving them for 24 hours. In this way we will make sure to keep one of the main enemies of the sticks, mold, at bay.

  2. Protect the most fragile clubs: The protective covers will prevent shocks and other damages that we can cause to our clubs when we are not using them. Rough transport, falls, or even rubbing against other clubs. All these small blows end up reducing the effectiveness of the club. This is particularly detrimental to the most fragile clubs such as wooden ones. In short, if you want them to be preserved in the best possible way, the covers will be your allies.

  3. Clean stretch marks: The striations are usually one of the elements that can get to determine the development of the game. If not cleaned, your shots can lose a lot of effectiveness and it will cost you more to direct the ball right where you want it to go. For this reason, it is recommended that before starting the game, or the stroke if you are changing clubs, you wipe the faces of your golf clubs with a handkerchief. When finished, it is also important that you clean them thoroughly, thus removing any remnants of grass that may remain.

    To be able to clean them well, you just have to take a container where the head of the club fits well. With a little warm water and detergent and after submerging them for a few minutes, you will be able to see how much of the dirt disappears. Later, to clean the stretch marks, nothing like using a small brush with which to remove the grass, gravel or other particles that may have become embedded. After rinsing them with clean water, you cannot forget to dry them correctly as we have already seen, removing any remaining moisture. Your golf clubs will thank you!

    If you don’t want to waste a lot of time cleaning your golf clubs, or you don’t know very well how to do it, it is important to know that some golf courses make ultrasound machines available to their clients to clean their golf clubs. These machines will clean your clubs quickly and comfortably, giving you an acceptable result. So, without a doubt, cleanliness is an essential requirement when playing golf. Your golf clubs will thank you!

  4. Use specific bags for your golf clubs: On many occasions we end up using bags that are not fully adapted to the characteristics of our golf clubs. If we avoid this error, and use a specific bag for the characteristics of our clubs, we will improve their conditions and prevent them from deteriorating, since, fundamentally, they will be safe from small bumps or friction. On the other hand, the order inside the golf bag is also very important. With a simple gesture like ordering them, we can improve our game. Well, by seeing them all in order, it will be easier for us to choose the club to use, by having them all in sight, your range of options would be complete.

    But this is not all! To protect the golf clubs we also need to take care of the bag. If the bag is dirty, so will the clubs, so its cleaning and care are an important factor that must not be forgotten. The instructions to clean it correctly usually come on the label or on the box where the bag came. If, on the other hand, it does not indicate it, we recommend using a little soap and water to remove possible stains or mud, with the help of a cloth or soft brush.

  5. Goodbye rust! If you don’t usually practice golf throughout the year, and it is a sport that you practice more during the holidays, you will have encountered the uncomfortable rust more than once. With golf clubs stored for a long time, rust tends to build up on them. Especially if they are made of tempered carbon steel. But, there is no reason to get rid of these sticks as the rust can be easily removed.

    You will first have to rub them using a moistened cotton cloth to remove any traces of dirt. Once it is dry, you can rub them with a piece of steel wool. This will remove the rust. Lastly, you can use some type of metal polish to restore the natural shine. Your golf clubs will be like new!

Bonus tip: Golf balls need care too! An indispensable complement to golf clubs are balls, for this reason, we also dedicate a small section to them. And is that, clean balls fly further and are more accurate.

In order to clean the golf balls we need a container where they can be inserted without problem. Then we let them soak for about an hour with a little detergent and warm water. With this, we shed their dirt. They are then rubbed with a soft bristle brush or a sponge to remove stubborn stains than with detergent and the water could not be removed.

As a bonus, the golf balls can be put directly into the dishwasher using the most basic program. So they will come out pristine and ready for the next game.